Anyone need a chocolate fix?

We love Davidson Chocolate Co.  Why?  For so many reasons, but primarily because they make delicious goodies AND because today they are donating 40% of their profits to Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman.  Plus, they make small treats–the kind that you don’t feel TOO guilty eating.  Little, tiny, gorgeous truffles that have unbelievably interesting flavors like lavender and chili pepper.  Too weird for you?  They also have caramel truffles (well, to be honest, they have about 50 kinds of truffles and they all look amazing), chocolate turtles, fudge, brownies, and ice cream.  And that’s not all.  But you have to visit the store for yourself to appreciate the true chocolate abundance that is the Davidson Chocolate Co

So go now.  Today.  Of course, you could go any day of the year, but by going today you will support Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman.  Seriously, how often do you get to experience extreme chocolate pleasure and support a wonderful cause, both on the same day?  Now’s your chance!   And don’t worry about the calories–you can run them off in September at Hit the Brixx!

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One Comment on “Anyone need a chocolate fix?”

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