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Posted November 24, 2015 by hpccr
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by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

thankfulThis week, our thoughts turn to turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie, and we eagerly anticipate the upcoming feast and time with family. On a more spiritual note, this is the week we traditionally count our blessings and focus on the many aspects of our life for which we are profoundly grateful.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, please know that Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region is thankful for you. We are touched by your support, your ongoing relationship with us, and your trust in our care. Without you, we would not be the growing, thriving organization that we are today with an exceptional staff and over 37 years of end-of-life care under our belt.

We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving and joyful start to your holiday season. May your turkey be tender and your pumpkin pie plentiful!

Pass the test on #GivingTuesdayCLT

Posted November 18, 2015 by hpccr
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by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

GTCLT12_1 blueOk people, today I’m going to test your loyalty to HPCCR. And I’m also going to see if you’ve been paying attention to us like the good hospice supporters you claim to be. You ready?

So. . . if you follow us on Twitter and Facebook (and if you don’t, you need to do so immediately), you know that HPCCR is a part of something really exciting happening in Charlotte right now. Something monumental and awe-inspiring and humbling. Because this “thing” we’re doing? It represents more than just our personal mission. Oh, it’s way bigger than that. We’re tapping into a pure love and a generosity that’s bigger than all of us. And it’s going to make an impact, believe me. You’re going to want to be a part it. (You know, because you are a kind, sensitive human being, right?)

Here goes.

This year, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region is participating in #GivingTuesdayCLT. For those of you not familiar with #GivingTuesday, (but you probably are because you’re so intelligent!) the idea started in 2011 in an effort to help people change the way they think about participating in the holidays – making it less about commercialism and more about the giving nature of the season. It happens every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving; a few days after Black Friday and the day after Cyber Monday when all the online “deals” are found.

Quote - KingShare Charlotte, a local not-for-profit that helps people find ways to get involved in their community, has brought the #GivingTuesday concept local by creating #GivingTuesdayCLT. From November 10 through December 1 (which is the actual #GivingTuesday), HPCCR and over 100 other not-for-profits are partnering with Share Charlotte to try to raise a total of $2 million. Can you even imagine all the good that can do for our local community? Or fathom how many of our neighbors in need can be supported by that kind of money?

The not-for-profits involved in #GivingTuesdayCLT are wonderfully varied; literally every population you can think of is supported by one of these organizations — children, the homeless, teachers, students, the arts community, cancer fighters and survivors, the environment, the bereaved, those struggling to get jobs, animal rights. . .  The list goes on and on.

And, of course, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region is among the list. Which brings us to that loyalty test I mentioned earlier. You want to show your passion for hospice care? Then make a donation to HPCCR for #GivingTuesdayCLT! We know it’s not the actual #GivingTuesday yet, but any amount you give will go toward that $2 million goal. And there’s even more incentive. Share Charlotte has acquired five generous sponsors (thank you Bank of America, Foundation for the Carolinas, Google Fiber, Knight Foundation, and Reemprise Fund!) who have offered matching funds to the participating not-for-profits. Basically, if HPCCR raises a certain percentage of the $2 million total, we’ll get that same percentage of the matching funds! And since you are a super-duper loyal follower and an amazingly generous supporter (has all the brown-nosing and flattery worked yet??), you are well aware of all the great things we could do with that extra funding.

#whatsyourgift_2So here’s how you do it. Go to our website to access our online donation form. Make your awesome gift. Then choose #GivingTuesdayCLT in the drop down menu for the question, “What brought you to the site to give today?” The process couldn’t be easier!

Those of you going to our site right now to make a donation have passed the loyalty test with flying colors. You’ll have our endless gratitude and we’ll continue to flagrantly flatter you until you blush. And the rest of you? Your test grade is rapidly dropping, people! Our shameless, over-the-top brown-nosing doesn’t come free, you know. . .

Join us for Corks & Karats!

Posted November 10, 2015 by hpccr
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by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Corks&Karats Logo_CS4Is anyone else jumping up and down with excitement upon seeing that glorious sun up in the sky today? And if you’ve looked at the weekend forecast, your happy dance won’t be ending any time soon. It should be a perfect fall weekend with sunny skies and cool temperatures. Why does that matter? Because we’re having our annual Corks & Karats fundraiser on Saturday and no rain means happy attendees!

I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if we’d held this event last weekend — humidity wreaking havoc on styled hair, trying to walk in heels in the torrential rain, awkwardly carrying prizes back to the car underneath wobbly umbrellas . . . (Wow, men just have it so much easier, don’t they?!)

Anyway, Corks & Karats is a delightful event with guests dressed to the nines, delicious food, a phenomenal band, tasty drinks, and auction items worth sparring over!  In fact, the online auction is already open so you can go ahead and stake your claim on the items you want. Food, wine, jewelry, tickets to local sporting events, vacations, artwork, and more. There really is something for everyone! And having an auction preview can help you create your battle strategy for successfully acquiring those must-have goodies.

But you must have a ticket to get in. Which means if you haven’t already purchased them, you need to go online and do so. Now.

There are a few other things happening on Saturday night you won’t want to miss. We’re featuring a speaker who’s going to tell you a story that will slice your heart wide open (in a good way, don’t worry). You’ll have an opportunity to “raise your glass” and make a direct donation to send a child to Chameleon’s Journey grief camp or pay for a day or week of hospice care. We’ll have a fun game called “heads or tails” where you’ll have the opportunity to win a designer purse or suitcase filled with amazing prizes. Needless to say, it’s going to be a hoppin’ night and we want you to be there!

So join us at Carmel Country Club on Saturday night. The fun starts at 6:30pm and won’t end until every last person has danced until their feet ache and walked away with some great auction items. Into the cool, crisp, no-umbrella-needed, non-rainy night.

Tickets for Corks & Karats are $125 which you can purchase on the Shop HPCCR page of our website. And we still have party host and table host opportunities available. Contact Nancy Cole at 704.335.4312 for more information.  

A new location for education

Posted November 4, 2015 by hpccr
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by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

From left to right: Dick Pahle of the Philip L. Van Every Foundation, HPCCR CEO Pete Brunnick, and Pall Crull, HPCCR Board Chair

From left to right: Dick Pahle of the Philip L. Van Every Foundation, HPCCR CEO Pete Brunnick, and Pat Crull, HPCCR Board Chair

Over the years, we have learned that education is crucial to the success of our organization. We know that once a person learns about hospice and understands its intrinsic value, they will become a lifelong and passionate advocate. We also realize that keeping our staff up-to-date with continuous education is a critical component of maintaining the exceptional care we offer. Education is so important that we’ve included it in our mission statement. It should come as no surprise, then, that Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region is taking education to an entirely new level.

We are proud to introduce our newest location, the Philip L. Van Every Learning Resource Center. This location will have a dual purpose – it will offer a space for specialized training for our clinical staff and will also have the capacity to host educational events for the community at large.  It officially opened a few weeks ago, but we are having an open house tomorrow (with a ribbon cutting featuring those awesome huge scissors) to introduce the building to the public.

Situated on the corner of Walsh Boulevard and Johnston Road in south Charlotte, the building was once a branch of the Charlotte Public Library, operating from 1983 until 2010. It sat empty and unused until it was purchased by Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region in 2012. Its proximity to our south Charlotte office (located just around the corner) was a distinct selling point for the organization when considering the purchase.

HPCCRLearningResourceCenter-0007HPCCR has a strong history of providing excellent education to the staff and fostering an environment that enhances the skills of our clinicians. The Philip L. Van Every Learning Resource Center will dovetail perfectly within this mission. One of the main advantages of this space will be the simulation lab, adequately equipped to provide hands-on training through the use of medical equipment specific to HPCCR. Staff will have access to a hospital bed, lift, infusion therapy pumps, artificial nutrition delivery systems, fluid management / containment devices, and more. By working and training with the equipment (and simulating real-life situations they are likely to encounter), our staff will be even more prepared to deliver exceptional end-of-life care to our patients.

In addition to the simulation lab, the building boasts multiple conference rooms designed to accommodate presentations and educational offerings to the community. With state-of-the-art teleconferencing capabilities, these rooms offer endless opportunities for learning. We envision seminars about advance care planning being held here; individuals learning about living wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney documents, and the MOST (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment) form. This location will also serve as a training site for other medical professionals, like medical residents and nursing students, who could benefit from more deliberate instruction about end-of-life care. And our own staff will receive education here as well, with in-house seminars and the ability to use a comprehensive and innovative computer lab.

Our learning center is exactly the sort of facility that Philip L. Van Every imagined supporting when he created his foundation. An important leader in the Charlotte community (he was the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation and the mayor of the city), Mr. Van Every was known for his philanthropic nature. Among other causes, he was devoted to education, healthcare, and community service. The HPCCR facility bearing his name strives to encompass all three of these passions, making healthcare education easily accessible to anyone with the desire to learn.

HPCCRLearningResourceCenter-0009Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region is committed to exceptional end-of-life care. The Philip L. Van Every Learning Resource Center allows us to promote hospice and palliative services both internally and externally; furthering the training of our own staff in order to serve patients better and offering quality education to our neighbors within the communities we serve.

We are thankful for the man who had the foresight to serve the city he loved. He envisioned enriching lives by funding nonprofits and their worthy causes. With the Philip L. Van Every Learning Resource Center, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region will honor and further his legacy by also investing resources in our community. We will use this facility to enhance education around end-of-life care and engage the community in the important work we are doing. We know that Mr. Van Every would be proud.


Become a hospice volunteer!

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by Alia King, HPCCR PRN Volunteer Manager

Mr. Borland

Mr. Borland still loves fishing!

How many people can say going fishing is in their job description as a volunteer?

John Sukits can! He faithfully visits Mr. Borland weekly, and sometimes those visits include fishing! Each week comes with a new activity: a light walk in the park, a milkshake or meal, window shopping at a sporting goods or hardware store, and most recently, fishing. Mr. Borland looks forward to John’s visit every week and verifies with his nurse and social worker that John will be there.

This is just one example of how our volunteers bring joy to the lives of our patients and receive joy in return. And even though not all of our patients can get out like Mr. Borland can, most still thoroughly enjoy visits from volunteers. Whether it’s watching an old movie together, listening to music (or even singing along) or simply holding a patient’s hand, volunteering is a gift for our patients. Not to mention it’s comforting for our families and wonderfully fulfilling for our volunteers.

Right now, we have a huge need for volunteers who can join our Volunteer team! No matter where you live in our service area, we promise we can use you. We especially need volunteers in Union, Cabarrus, Lincoln, Gaston, and Iredell counties. Call today (704.375.0100) to get started or visit our website to complete an application. No fishing experience necessary.

Preparing for Soup (on Sunday)

Posted October 23, 2015 by hpccr
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by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

CCDS bowlsHave you been loving our frosty mornings lately? I have. I love everything about the fall — being able to wear shorts with sweatshirts, breaking out the tall boots, seeing the leaves change. And of course there’s the food. Specifically, the pumpkin. In fact, the only things I haven’t seen yet with pumpkin in it are cheeseburgers. But I’m not holding my breath.

And it’s finally time to eat warm soup again! Which is why (I think) our wonderful helpers at Charlotte Country Day School wait until this time of year to create bowls for our annual Soup on Sunday event.

handsEach year students, faculty, staff, and parents all show up at the Hance Fine Arts Center to make bowls for our unique soup-tasting event. The clay is donated each year by Jinny Hargrave who owns Carolina Clay Connection, a pottery center in Charlotte that serves the needs of potters, clay artists, school art programs, sculptors, and anyone who is interested in working in clay. Jinny, along with local potter Kay Ethridge and Country Day School art instructor Meredith Green, provide help and advice to all of the volunteer potters who donate their pieces to Soup on Sunday. We have these three women to thank for the multitude of bowls on display at our event each year.  Between their own creations and their assistance with the Country Day students, parents, and faculty, they pretty much keep the pottery tables full.

close upI’ve gone to Country Day for the pottery-making extravaganza for the past three years and I think this one was the most well-attended yet. The concentration in the art room was fierce and the creativity was flowing. Parents and kids of all ages created their own personal masterpieces and then knowingly gave them up for the greater good of hospice care. Because of this generous community, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region can count on yet another successful Soup on Sunday. And that means our patients can count on continued exceptional care.

Right now, these lovingly-made bowls are still in their infant stages. Next they will get fired in the kiln and then they’ll be beautifully glazed. Finished, they’ll wait to be put on display. And then some time will pass. Soon enough, though, this beautiful fall will inevitably turn into another cold winter, and then it will be time for Soup on Sunday (on January 31), where we will once again welcome the delicious, piping hot soups with open bowls. Except for the pumpkin cheeseburger soup. I think I’m out on that one.

Thanks to all of the CCDS faculty, staff, students, and parents who made bowls for Soup on Sunday! Please come find your bowl on January 31 at the Philip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center on the campus of CPCC. See you there!



Want a seat at our table?

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by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

We’ve got empty chairs to fill.  Should one of them be yours?

We are always looking for well-qualified, passionate RNs.  Our census is growing (which is great!) but we have to make sure we have adequate coverage for the increased number of patients.  So we’ll be holding a job fair in a couple of weeks to find amazing nurses who want a rewarding, flexible job with great hours and lots of autonomy.  Are you a compassionate registered nurse looking for something truly meaningful?  Do you know someone who is?  Then come to our career fair at our uptown office (1420 East 7th Street, Charlotte) on Thursday, October 29 from 11am until 5pm.  We’ve got all kinds of positions to fill, from case management to admissions to after hours.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to fill out an application (by October 27) on our website (http://www.hpccr.org/careers/job-postings).  Just click on the link that says “RN CAREER FAIR October 29” and then click another link at the very bottom of that page to create your application.  Then come to our office on the 29th.  Make sure you come prepared!  Our HR representatives will be conducting some on-the-spot interviews and if you’re feeling comfy in our empty chair, you’ll want to claim it as your own.  But you’ll have to impress us to get a seat at our table!  Good luck!


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