The man who has no one to share his tears with

by Jim Young, HPCCR volunteer

I left Levine & Dickson Hospice House on Monday night, humbled by a man who will probably end up dying alone.  I thought about him all the way home, and since then, I have been contemplating the situation he finds himself in.  This man is dying from the results of alcoholism.  He literally drank himself to his current condition, all because of broken love.  But the really sad part is that, as a result of his drinking, he has pushed away all of the people who love him.  It’s like he was trapped in a world no one understands, searching for answers in all the wrong places, yet finding those answers at the bottom of a bottle.

I could tell that this man was once strong and healthy, but the alcohol has taken its toll on his body.  He finally realizes it too.  I talked with this man for quite some time and even though he never admitted it, he was filled with regret.  Regret for what has been and for what will never be.  It was unspoken but it was there as we made small talk about nothing and everything.  He is truly sorry for all the hurt and pain he has caused his family, even if it is too late for apologies.  I think if we could all go back to some past point in our lives and take a different path or make a different choice, we would do a few things differently.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way, and sadly enough for this man, his choices have run out.

I left his room knowing that I will probably never see this man again, and my heart weeps for him—a  man who has no one to share his tears with.  I hope I am wrong.  I hope someone will come to share his final moments.  And maybe this man will find some peace in knowing that he doesn’t have to carry so much regret with him when the end finally does come.  No one should ever have to die alone; forgiveness must always triumph over resentment.

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One Comment on “The man who has no one to share his tears with”

  1. Robin Riemersma Says:

    Wow – what a moving story. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s a great reminder that no one deserves to be abandoned, especially when facing death.

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