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Awakening a force (to make a dream come true)

January 21, 2016

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager


Our patient, Amy, before the movie

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, created a world-wide frenzy last month when it debuted. The hype was huge, tickets were scarce, and the trailer made all the die-hard fans desperate to go.

Now imagine if you were one of those die-hard fans but you didn’t know if you’d ever get to see it. That was the case for Amy Theodoropoulos, a 79-year old Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman (HPCLN) patient who is one of those uber-loyal Star Wars fans.

Like most hospice patients, Amy isn’t sure what the future holds. And she doesn’t know how long it will take for The Force Awakens to become available outside of the theaters. Considering she’s seen all of the other episodes in the Star Wars saga, she was understandably sad at the thought of missing this latest one. She wistfully told her HPCLN social worker, Catherine, that she wanted to see it but didn’t know if she had enough time left. That’s when Catherine awakened her own force to get things moving in the right direction.


The entire crew with Star Wars masks

Catherine brought up Amy’s predicament to the rest of the hospice team at their weekly meeting. Someone suggested getting in touch with a theater to see what they could offer. After a phone call or two, a local theater came through in a huge way for Catherine. On Friday morning last week (when the theater is usually closed) Amy and her entire family were given their own private viewing of The Force Awakens.

Amy with (clockwise from left) her grandson, daughter-in-law, nurse Cheryl, social worker Catherine, and her son

Amy with (clockwise from left) her grandson, daughter-in-law, nurse Cheryl, social worker Catherine, and her son

I met Amy and her family (her two sons, her daughter-in-law, grandson, and brother), along with social worker Catherine and Amy’s hospice nurse, Cheryl, at the theater to take a few pictures before the show. Everyone was wildly excited, especially Amy’s pre-school aged grandson who was clad head to toe in Star Wars gear. No one had seen the movie previously and, even though the movie has been out for over a month, no one had heard any gossip to ruin the plot’s twists and turns.

After pictures, Amy and her family made themselves comfortable in the empty theater. Not only did they get the entire room to themselves, but they also noshed on free popcorn and soda, thanks to the fantastically generous theater manager.

I didn’t stay for the movie, but according to Catherine, Amy absolutely loved it. She left the theater shaking her head, saying she just couldn’t believe that her wish had come true.

That’s what hospice is all about, folks. It’s about respecting the wishes of our patients and making their lives count every single day we have them under care. It’s making phone calls and appealing to the humanity and generosity of others on behalf of those who need us. It’s helping our patients achieve the little things they thought were no longer possible. We try to awaken a force every day, that’s for sure. In our case, that force is love.


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