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Fight Panthers withdrawal with soup

January 25, 2016

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Soup on Sunday logo_50Holy cow, it’s a HUGE day here in North Carolina! Our beloved Carolina Panthers clinched the NFC championship last night (in an amazing game) and we’re going to the Super Bowl in Santa Clara in just a few short weeks. We are beside ourselves with excitement!

This whole season has been so much fun. Who knew that when we started winning way back in September, we just weren’t going to stop? (I know, I know, we lost to Atlanta, but who’s counting?) Every Sunday has been riveting (and sometimes downright exhausting) but it led us to that shining moment last night and the potential to be the NFL champions this season. Wow. Just . . .  wow.

But all that’s on February 7th. Now what?

If you’re anything like me, on those Sundays the Panthers don’t play, everything feels weird. Discombobulated.  There are three extra hours to fill and you kind of wander around aimlessly wondering what it is you’re supposed to be doing.

We know what you’re supposed to do this Sunday, with no Panthers to watch. You’re coming to see us. At Soup on Sunday.

That’s right — it’s that time again! We’re hosting our 16th year of the most delicious fundraiser in town. And it won’t conflict at all with your football-viewing schedule.

Soup on Sunday features amazing soups from some of Charlotte’s best restaurants. We’ll have vegetarian soups, soups with chicken and sausage, various chilis and bisques, as well as gumbos and chowders. We have the current list on our website so you can go ahead and start drooling now. And there are usually some last minute delectable additions for those of you who like to be surprised.

But there’s more than just soup. There will be gorgeous, hand-made pottery to choose from, breads from Great Harvest Bread Company, Coca Cola products, and Bojangles sweet tea. And there will be desserts. You can sample different flavors of Nothing Bundt Cakes (or “dangerous circles of heaven” as I call them) and then there’ll also be some serious chocolate temptations; the chefs from the participating culinary schools always come up with some breathtakingly beautiful, sweet creations to rival their scrumptious soups.

panthers superbowlSo instead of wandering around your house, suffering from Panthers withdrawal, come out to Soup on Sunday. But if it makes you feel better (and because old habits die hard), Cam Newton jerseys will be welcomed.


Soup on Sunday takes place THIS SUNDAY, January 31, from 11 am until 2pm at the Phillip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center on the CPCC campus. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. $30 will gain you general admission and the $40 Soup Lovers’ Special allows you to pick your very own handmade pottery bowl. Call Nancy Cole at 704.335.4312 for more information. All proceeds support the programs and services of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region.


Soupuary (and pottery making)

January 14, 2016

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve decided to rename January. From now on, it shall be called Soupuary. Because now that Mother Nature has remembered that we apparently don’t live in South America (where, you know, it’s actually supposed to be summer) and has brought back cold temperatures to the Carolinas, a hot bowl of soup is one of best things to look forward to.

January is host to our annual Soup on Sunday. This year, it falls on the last day of Soupuary, the 31st. More details to come about this mind-blowing event in another post, but suffice it to say that many things must get done behind the scenes to be ready that day.

Like the pottery. We’ve already told you about the awesome staff, parents, and kids at Charlotte Country Day School who help us out every year by making creative, fun bowls. Yes, they contribute a huge chunk of what we need, but we still need more of them to fill up those tables in the pottery room.

This is where you come in. Do you harbor a secret artist inside your soul? Can you look at a lump of clay and see a gorgeous bowl that’s yearning to be free? Then we need you!

Come to Carolina Clay Connection (2132 Hawkins Street) this Sunday, Soupuary 17th from 2pm until 4pm for a pottery “play day”. You don’t have to have a lick of experience. Jinny Hargrave, owner, will be there and she’ll help you make an absolute masterpiece for Soup on Sunday. Space is limited, however, so make sure to call (704.376.7221) or email Jinny to reserve your spot.

January (the boring month after the super-exciting holidays) conjures up words like “cold”, “gray”, and “blah”. Soupuary sounds fun. And warm. And delicious. I’m telling ya, I’m on to something here . . .


Preparing for Soup (on Sunday)

October 23, 2015

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

CCDS bowlsHave you been loving our frosty mornings lately? I have. I love everything about the fall — being able to wear shorts with sweatshirts, breaking out the tall boots, seeing the leaves change. And of course there’s the food. Specifically, the pumpkin. In fact, the only things I haven’t seen yet with pumpkin in it are cheeseburgers. But I’m not holding my breath.

And it’s finally time to eat warm soup again! Which is why (I think) our wonderful helpers at Charlotte Country Day School wait until this time of year to create bowls for our annual Soup on Sunday event.

handsEach year students, faculty, staff, and parents all show up at the Hance Fine Arts Center to make bowls for our unique soup-tasting event. The clay is donated each year by Jinny Hargrave who owns Carolina Clay Connection, a pottery center in Charlotte that serves the needs of potters, clay artists, school art programs, sculptors, and anyone who is interested in working in clay. Jinny, along with local potter Kay Ethridge and Country Day School art instructor Meredith Green, provide help and advice to all of the volunteer potters who donate their pieces to Soup on Sunday. We have these three women to thank for the multitude of bowls on display at our event each year.  Between their own creations and their assistance with the Country Day students, parents, and faculty, they pretty much keep the pottery tables full.

close upI’ve gone to Country Day for the pottery-making extravaganza for the past three years and I think this one was the most well-attended yet. The concentration in the art room was fierce and the creativity was flowing. Parents and kids of all ages created their own personal masterpieces and then knowingly gave them up for the greater good of hospice care. Because of this generous community, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region can count on yet another successful Soup on Sunday. And that means our patients can count on continued exceptional care.

Right now, these lovingly-made bowls are still in their infant stages. Next they will get fired in the kiln and then they’ll be beautifully glazed. Finished, they’ll wait to be put on display. And then some time will pass. Soon enough, though, this beautiful fall will inevitably turn into another cold winter, and then it will be time for Soup on Sunday (on January 31), where we will once again welcome the delicious, piping hot soups with open bowls. Except for the pumpkin cheeseburger soup. I think I’m out on that one.

Thanks to all of the CCDS faculty, staff, students, and parents who made bowls for Soup on Sunday! Please come find your bowl on January 31 at the Philip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center on the campus of CPCC. See you there!



A reason to love January

January 21, 2015

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Soup on Sunday logo_50Raise your hand if you like January . . . . Ok, pretty sure there aren’t too many arms in the air.  But I get it.  January is a tough month to love.  The holidays, which were full of family, friends, and time off, have faded into memory.  We’ve still got about three months of cold weather to look forward to and spring break is almost that far away too.  So what is there to get excited about?

One word: soup.

That’s right, folks.  Soup on Sunday is BACK for its 15th year!  And just like every year before, it’s going to be amazing.  For three solid hours, you can taste some of the most delicious concoctions Charlotte chefs have to offer.  We’ll have vegetarian soups, soups with chicken and sausage, various chilis and bisques, and even a gluten-free recipe (yep, that’s right!) for those of you with sensitive bellies.

And there’s more than just soup.  There will be gorgeous, hand-made pottery to choose from, breads from Great Harvest Bread Company, Coca Cola products, and Bojangles sweet tea.  And there will be desserts.  I’m talking some serious chocolate, people!  The chefs from the participating culinary schools always come up with some breathtakingly beautiful, sweet creations to rival their scrumptious liquid creations.

Ok, so now let’s see a show of hands.  Yep, that’s what I thought.  When you walk out of the Phillip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center, warmly and pleasantly full of delicious soup, you’ll realize something: Soup on Sunday gave you a reason to love January again.  You’re welcome.

Soup on Sunday takes place THIS SUNDAY, January 25, from 11 am until 2pm at the Phillip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center on the CPCC campus. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. $30 will gain you general admission and the $40 Soup Lovers’ Special allows you to pick your very own handmade pottery bowl. Call Maribeth Burke at 704.335.4323 for more information. All proceeds support the programs and services of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region.



Our Soup on Sunday village

November 5, 2014

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

(from l to r): Kay Etheridge, Jenni Hargrave, and Meredith Green

(l to r): Kay Ethridge, Jinny Hargrave, and Meredith Green

Have you ever been to our annual Soup on Sunday event?  If you have to stop and think about it, then you probably haven’t.  Because in my (very humble, of course) opinion, it’s one of the most memorable events in Charlotte.  How could one forget a Sunday in January, one of the coldest months of the year, where you get to taste delicious soups from some of our region’s finest restaurants?  It’s simply fantastic.  But (not to be cliché here), it takes a village to make it happen.

When you walk into the event, one of the first things you see is a room full of bowls.  Small ones, tall ones, shallow ones, deep ones, ornate ones, simple ones.  All beautiful and lovingly handmade.

What?  You think they just appear out of thin air?  Nope.  This is where the village comes in.

Ten years ago, when Soup on Sunday was entering its fifth year, Kay Ethridge, a Charlotte Country Day School (CCDS) mom, had a brilliant idea.  She was a volunteer (and potter) offering her services at the Urban Ministry Center, helping the neighbors there learn how to make pottery.  As part of a community service project, they would make bowls and donate them to Soup on Sunday.  But they had limited space, especially for storage.  Kay knew that Charlotte Country Day School had just built a beautiful new fine arts center and also knew that the school was devoted to community outreach.  So she approached CCDS with the idea of hosting a day to make bowls in their studio.  They immediately agreed.

bowl and hands

Starting a masterpiece

It was (and still is) such a good idea for many reasons.  It allows the Urban Ministry neighbors to be creative and give back to their community.  It allows the CCDS faculty and students, and Urban Ministry neighbors the chance to interact in a common setting and work together for a common goal.  And it populates that long table at Soup on Sunday I was talking about, giving soup aficionados countless options for beautiful take-home pieces.

Jinny Hargrave, potter and owner of Carolina Clay Connection, brings the clay to Country Day on the pottery day each year and, along with Kay Ethridge and CCDS art teacher Meredith Green, helps manage the bowl-making process.  In fact, Soup on Sunday was actually Jinny’s idea in the first place.  She had attended a similar event elsewhere and thought it was a wonderful idea that should be replicated in Charlotte.  She contacted HPCCR and we ran with it.  That was 15 years ago (!) and it just gets better each year.

Jinny is also a pottery instructor and each year she requires her students to make at least one bowl for Soup on Sunday.  If they get motivated enough to make ten bowls, they get free admission to the event.  Jinny herself makes around 100 bowls and asks other potters to pitch in for about 400 more.

Lots of work and details go into making a bowl.

Time and creativity are needed for a perfect bowl.

Long story short, there are a ton of bowls needed for this event.  And, for ten years now, a beautiful partnership between Charlotte Country Day School, the Urban Ministry Center, Carolina Clay Connection, and HPCCR has ensured that the pottery room at Soup on Sunday is a feast of vibrant colors, interesting textures, and unique sizes.  They are labors of love, modeled in clay, compassion, and creativity.

We adore our village.


Our 15th annual Soup on Sunday will take place on Sunday, January 25 from 11am until 2pm at the Phillip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center of Central Piedmont Community College.  For more information, contact Nancy Cole, HPCCR Director of Special Events. 



Relief, thy name is soup

January 22, 2014

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

steaming soup

Doesn’t it make you want to just dive in?

Seriously, what is going on with this weather?  30-something degrees as a high temperature?  This is the SOUTH.  This is not how we roll.  We’ve got a reputation to protect and we are losing massive amounts of the “na na na boo boo” time that is usually reserved for lording it over our friends in those cold states to the north at this time of year.

Is relief in sight?  Not sure from a weather perspective.  But a warm front’s a comin’ down King’s Drive in Charlotte on Sunday and you’d best check it out!

Yep, it’s Soup on Sunday time again!  It’s our 14th year of warming souls and stomachs with amazing soup from some of Charlotte’s best restaurants.  In fact, this year we’ve got 33 restaurants and four culinary schools offering up their best concoctions.  You’ll have bisques, chowders, gumbos, chili, and more.  And the tastings that are served are extremely generous.  I suggest you walk through with a friend so that you can share each sample and then go back for full tastings of your favorites.  What’s more, we’ve got tempting bread and succulent desserts, so you will NOT leave hungry, believe me!

And the pottery!  Gorgeous bowls for purchase (or included with the Soup Lovers’ Special ticket), handmade by local artists and students.  You might want to go ahead and make some room in your cabinets because you won’t be able to choose just one!

So while there might not be any promising weather on the horizon, you’ve definitely got something warm to look forward to this weekend.  And the amazingly delicious soup-fest that you’re going to have is surely worth rolling out a “na na na boo boo” to your freezing cold, snow-drenched friends up north, right?

Soup on Sunday (presented by Wells Fargo) takes place THIS SUNDAY, January 26, from 11 am until 2pm at the Phillip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center on the CPCC campus.  Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.  $30 will gain you general admission and the $40 Soup Lovers’ Special allows you to pick your very own handmade pottery bowl.  Call Maribeth Burke at 704.335.4323 for more information.  All proceeds support the programs and services of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region.

Get out of your cave

January 22, 2013

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

Soup on Sunday logo_50I think we are having the coldest week of winter thus far.  As cold natured as I am, I would normally be bemoaning the frigid air to anyone and everyone who would listen.  I would be in full hibernation mode, peeking my nose out of my cave only when I have to.  But not this week.  Why, you ask?  Because this week, I am sustaining myself with warming thoughts of SOUP!

That’s right, people.  It’s soup time again!  This Sunday, January 27, from 11am until 2pm, we will be dishing out cups of steaming goodness, packed with flavor and soul.  And with a single ticket, you have a free pass to sample each and every love-filled concoction.

It’s gearing up to be another delectable year.  We’ve got your stand-by favorites — chicken noodle, potato cheddar, tomato bisque, and lobster bisque.  But we’ve got some unique offerings as well: South African lamb chili, curried red pepper with lemongrass coconut cream (um, yes please!), Moroccan meatball, and spicy, smoky Jerusalem artichoke chowder (which I might very well be first in line for).

Along with soup from some of Charlotte’s finest eateries, there will be breads from Great Harvest Bread Co, Bojangles famous sweet tea, and Coca Cola products.  There will be amazing desserts fresh from the kitchens of CPCC Culinary Arts School and Johnson & Wales.  And there are usually some other surprise treats (in the past we’ve seen pizza!) that the students dream up to complement this extraordinary gastronomic feast.

And then there’s the pottery.  Gorgeous, creative pieces from seasoned potters, high school students, and artists.  Each piece is bargain-priced and ready to join your collection from Soup on Sundays past.  As you walk up the stairs and into the pottery room, the sea of colors and shapes makes an impressive, dazzling display that will captivate you.  That is, until the tantalizing smell of soup starts to call and your empty stomach overrides your brain and moves you toward the kitchens of bliss.

Last but certainly not least, there are items up for bid in the “souper” raffle.  Buy your tickets and distribute them among the awesome goodie baskets that will be going home with a few lucky guests.  You don’t have to be present to win, but the drawing will take place around 1:30.  You just might have tasted all the soups by then.

So brave the cold and join us this Sunday for the most unique food-tasting event in Charlotte.  Then, like me, you can go back to hibernation mode and wait it out for spring.  Which (this being the South and all) will probably be here next week.

Soup on Sunday will take place from 11am until 2pm at the CPCC Culinary Arts Center at 425 North Kings Drive (in uptown Charlotte).  If you don’t buy your tickets online, they are also available at the door on Sunday morning – $30 for general admission, $40 for the Soup Lovers Special (it includes a hand-made pottery bowl), and $10 for kids ages 7 to 12.  See you Sunday!