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Meet Lee Wilson

July 1, 2011

Lee Wilson, Senior Director of HPCLC

It’s been almost a month since Leslie Barlowe retired from Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County.  And yes, we miss her.  But it’s time for you loyal Hospice Matters readers to get to know Lee Wilson, our brand spankin’ new director of the Lincoln County office.  Because he’s off to a great start!

Lee joined our organization in 2007.  Funny thing was, he was working for a different hospice organization and was looking for new recruits to join his team.  Turns out, some contacts he knew from HPCLC told Lee that he should consider the available social worker position within their organization.  Lee was intrigued.  The number of hats he was wearing for his job at the time was weighing him down and the thought of focusing on just one main job was liberating, to say the least.  With a Masters in Social Work and a career history in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and hospice, Lee was a perfect candidate.  He took the job.

Lee was impressed with how integrated HPCLC was within the Lincolnton community and it was a big factor in his decision to join the organization.  “I could sense such a passion for this organization from the community.  And vice versa.  Our staff members are not just caring for patients.  They’re caring for their neighbors; the people they grew up with.”

He was also impressed that Leslie took great care making sure that he was adjusting to his position and showing an interest in his personal growth.  “It was clear that she wanted me to be successful.  She took such an interest in her staff and really encouraged us.”  And four years later, when Leslie decided to retire, she once again encouraged him — to take on the position of senior director of Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County

So Lee Wilson finds himself in the driver’s seat, during one of the most challenging times that the hospice industry, as a whole, has faced.  With increased competition, and tightening budgets, Lee is carving his own path and trying to create his own successful legacy, as Leslie Barlowe did before him.  “I want us to grow, but we need to be intentional in our growth.  We need to maintain our core values and, most of all, our integrity.  We’ll grow and we’ll still provide extraordinary care in our community.”

Lee Wilson’s got his foot on the pedal and the car in gear.  And an open road ahead of him.  It’s going to be a great trip.

Thank you, Leslie Barlowe

June 3, 2011

Leslie Barlowe, Senior Director of Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County (well, at least for one last day), does not like to be in the spotlight.  So this week must have been tough for her, seeing as everyone she knows was singing her praises left and right, and up and down.  And rightly so.  Her 15-year career with the organization has been nothing short of outstanding. 

Today, Leslie leaves her senior director position at HPCLC.  To celebrate her, a retirement shindig was thrown last night in her hometown of Lincolnton.  Staff from HPCCR, LDHH, Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman, and Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County were all there as were family members, friends, community members, and even the mayor of Lincolnton.  Person after person stood up to recognize Leslie  — the work she has done, the love and support she has shared, the wisdom she has imparted — and Leslie acknowledged their words with tears in her eyes, and a smile on her face.  She handled the spotlight with grace and modesty, and deflected the praise, choosing to credit her talented and compassionate team.  And yes, she does have an amazingly talented and compassionate team.  No doubt about it.

But you can’t have a good team without a good leader and Leslie has been a spectacular one.  She hired great people, and they’ve stuck around.  Because no one wants to miss an opportunity to work with Leslie Barlowe.  She’s the ideal leader: extremely passionate, tireless, committed, respectful, and trusting.  She leads by example, more so than words.  She has a huge heart and a strong will.  And she flat-out gets the job done.

So after this week, the spotlight will fade, and Leslie’s “retirement” will begin.  (She’ll remain working part-time for HPCLC as a nurse, getting back to her first love — helping patients.)  But her legacy will remain, just as bright as Leslie’s smile.  And we will miss her.  We’re happy for her, though, because she’s going to spend more time with her family (especially her adorable grandchildren) and they are going to revel in every minute they get to spend with her.  Just like we did for 15 years. 

So thank you, Leslie Barlowe, for your devotion to your community, to your patients, and to us.  We love you.

Her cup runneth over. And we runneth for her.

April 26, 2011

HPCLC Senior Director Leslie Barlowe. The 2011 Run the Rail 5K will be held in honor of her.

It’s not news that Run the Rail, a 5K walk/run that premiered last year in Lincolnton, will happen again in 2011.  “So what is news?” you may be wondering.  Well, this year the event will be held in honor of Leslie Barlowe, Senior Director of Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County.  After 15 years of loyal service, she’s decided to retire, much to the chagrin of everyone within this organization.  But we had to do something to show our appreciation.  Holding the race in honor of her (in her beloved hometown) seemed the right thing to do. 

Leslie Barlowe is understandably emotional about her decision to leave Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County (HPCLC).  After all, she joined the organization when there were just nine full-time employees serving around 15 patients a day.  In June of this year, she will leave a thriving organization that cares for almost 80 patients every day.  Leslie has put her entire heart into the mission of HPCLC, and her soul has reaped the rewards—in more ways than she could ever have imagined.

Leslie began her clinical career in the field of nursing.  For over 25 years she worked in a hospital setting, where she was often frustrated by the lack of time she was able to spend with her patients.  A former employee of Leslie’s, who had begun to work for HPCLC (then Hospice of Lincoln County), asked her to apply for the Clinical Manager position that had recently opened there.  Realizing that she could develop a strong relationship with her patients and work with them to meet their goals of care, Leslie accepted the job.  And she did not look back.

If you ask her, Leslie will attribute all of her accomplishments to her team.  “I have been surrounded by the most caring, competent, skilled, loving, and giving individuals that anyone could hope to work with.  My success is only because of the care that they give.”  

And the team in Lincoln County will continue to be successful after Leslie hands the reigns over to Lee Wilson, her chosen successor.  Because Leslie’s not going far.  She still plans to work part-time, as needed, as a nurse for HPCLC.  She’ll get to go back to her first love—caring directly for the patients and their families who need compassionate care.  And her work will continue to fulfill her.  “In my work with hospice, my cup has never been empty.  Instead, it’s been filled with blessings from those I’ve been honored to care for.  My cup is truly full.”

So this Saturday, April 30, plan on coming out to Betty Ross Park in Lincolnton.  The race will begin at 9am and it looks like Mother Nature plans to honor Leslie with some beautiful weather.  A fitting forecast for a woman who has many bright days ahead of her.