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An experiment gone right

March 10, 2011

One year ago today, Hospice Matters (which wasn’t the title quite yet, but who’s keeping record?) published its very first post.  Since then, we have published 108 more and we’re really just getting started. 

Social networking began as an experiment for Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, but has evolved into an important component of our overall marketing strategy.  We truly feel that we are raising awareness about end-of-life care by prompting discussion and fostering education. 

Social media is a give and take.  We give, our supporters take.  And vice versa.  So we would be remiss if we did not thank all of our loyal subscribers, our weekly readers, and our thoughtful posters.  (You know–the people who make comments.  Not the paper you hang on the wall.)  As we see our number of views increase, we are further encouraged that we are doing the right thing–in terms of our mission and our outreach efforts. 

An experiment always has the potential to fail.  You look at the risks, you weigh the consequences, and then you make an educated decision about the outcome.  This time, we were right.  So excuse us while we head out to buy some lottery tickets.  We gotta feeling we’re on a roll here.