The best in the country

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Helen and Christy

Helen listens as Christy sings a hymn.

We received a beautiful, heartfelt letter about a month ago from the daughter of a patient. And it touched us. We get letters all the time, but this one made us particularly proud because it came from “one of our own”; Peggy, the woman who wrote the letter, used to work for a hospice in the great state of New York. That means she understands what we do every day and knows how emotional it is to work for a hospice, caring for patients who are dying and guiding their loved ones through this sacred process.

Peggy wrote that she was honored to “help clients to the end with dignity and without pain; their family’s well-being was of the utmost importance to me, along with meeting any other need they may have had.” So we figured that when it comes to recognizing exceptional care, Peggy was certainly qualified.

Last week, a few of us went to visit Peggy and her mother, Helen, who has been under the care of Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman since February. Helen is bed-bound but in great spirits — kind and loving to her family and her hospice care team. She is a tiny thing with a huge personality. A devout Catholic, she had been closely following the Pope’s United States tour and was happy to talk to those of us in the room about his travels. Helen graciously received our compliments on her beautiful skin and youthful appearance (which belied her 96 years) and she listened with great appreciation as Christy, our VP of Philanthropy (who also happens to have a gorgeous voice), sang her a hymn.

It was a short visit but a rewarding one. Helen has clearly been enjoying her life under the careful and gentle care of Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman. Her daughter Peggy could not tell us enough how impressed she has been with every care team member. In fact, in her letter she wrote, “They give their hearts every day. This team is the best in the country. Yes, I said country, not county!”

So apparently our approval rating is up there with the Pope’s. We’ll take it.

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