Growing pains

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

growing painsDo you remember when you were a kid and you’d wake up in the middle of the night and your leg would be aching?  Just this dull pain that you couldn’t ignore and that wouldn’t go away?  You were convinced something was really wrong.  But then your mom or dad would tell you, “Nothing to worry about.  Those are just growing pains.”  I still don’t know if that’s really what those pains were, but I can tell you it made me a little queasy to think that I could actually feel my body growing in real-time.  It was fine for my legs to grow longer.  I just didn’t need to know exactly when it was happening.

At HPCCR, we know when growth is happening.  And even though growth (for a hospice organization) is great, it can still create challenges.  Let’s look at the pluses: Growth means that more people are learning about hospice (Yay!  We’re doing our job!) and that more people are benefiting from the substantial advantages end-of-life care has to offer.  Growth means that we’re doing things right.

But the challenges are nothing to sneeze at.  An increase in census means more work for our staff — RNs, NAs, social workers, and all the rest of our clinicians have more patients to cover, administrative staff have more billing issues to handle and more paperwork to process, and more volunteers are needed to meet families’ needs.  We certainly don’t want our staff and volunteers to get burned out.  So what’s the solution?

We find more people.  Exceptional people.

Right now we are actively recruiting RNs.  In fact, we will be holding a job fair next week so that we can find amazing nurses who want a rewarding, flexible job with great hours and lots of autonomy.  Are you a compassionate registered nurse looking for something truly meaningful?  Do you know someone who is?  Then come to our career fair at our uptown office (1420 East 7th Street, Charlotte) on Thursday, July 16 from 2pm until 7pm.  We’ve got all kinds of positions to fill, from case management to admissions to after hours.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to fill out an application (by July 14) on our website (  Just click on the link that says “RN CAREER FAIR July 16” and then click another link at the very bottom of that page to create your application.  Then come to our office on the 16th.  But come prepared!  Our HR representatives will be conducting some on-the-spot interviews and you’ll want to knock their socks off, right?

And here’s another thing we desperately need: volunteer cosmetologists.  We only have two right now for all of our patients in Charlotte and that’s simply not enough.  Every single one of our patients deserves to feel good and look great.  And they certainly shouldn’t have to wait for that to happen because there are no cosmetologists to visit them.  So if you are a whiz with a comb or brush, or if you routinely make people look fantastic for a living, please get in touch with us.  Your heart will split wide open (in the best possible way) upon seeing the joy you can bring to a woman’s face when she feels beautiful again.

Kids are happy when their growing pains subside.  But as challenging as our growing pains may be, we kind of relish them.  Because, let’s face it, our growth means that we’re helping people in a critical way.  We are offering comfort and relief to patients and families all over North and South Carolina.  We are doing what we’re meant to do — supporting tired caregivers, soothing anxious souls, letting our shoulders get wet with tears of both joy and sadness.  We are filling our hearts with purpose and love.  Our census grows and our spirits soar from knowledge that WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE at the end of life.

We’re growing.  Don’t you want to join us?


If you are interested in working for HPCCR, fill out an application and join us at our career fair at 1420 East 7th Street on July 16.  If you are a cosmetologist and would like to volunteer, please call Elise Hurst, Director of Volunteer Services, at 704.375.0100.  

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