by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

matchmakerIs it just me or does life just seem to get crazier and busier as you get older?  I mean, I thought I was busy when I was in college — classes and studying and socializing — and then I thought I was really busy after college.  First job and all of that.  But then marriage and kids came along and now I desperately miss those days when all those classes and studying and all that socializing was what wore me out.  Oh, how times have changed!  Nowadays, every minute seems spoken for, every day planned to the nth degree.

Do you feel the same way?  Do you find yourself wishing you had time to cross off some of those items on your “meaningful things I’m going to do to make the world a better place” list?  Lucky for you, I’ve got a solution.

If you can’t donate your time, you can help HPCCR out in another way.  Here’s how: we have been included in program started by Share Charlotte to help out local not-for-profits.  The organizations create a wish list on Amazon (you can find ours on our Share Charlotte profile) and local do-gooders (that’s you) purchase items off the list to have them delivered right to our door.  Pretty great idea, right?  It’s a win-win.  We need the merchandise and you can feel good knowing that you have helped us out in a meaningful way.

What’s more, HPCCR is the Share Charlotte not-for-profit of the week!  They’ve been tweeting about us, writing articles about us, and generally making us feel all warm and fuzzy and very loved.

You should check us out; we’ve got great things on our wish list.  Fun items for the activity bags handed out to kids who visit our hospice houses, aromatherapy oils, iPads, fidget aprons for patients, snacks for our hospice houses and more!  To give you multiple options of price points, we created a varied list.  You can spend as little as $2 and as much as $500 (man, those iPads aren’t cheap!)  Any and all items are truly appreciated and will help us give our patients and their families an even better hospice experience.  And that’s what really matters.

So here’s an idea: how about we play matchmaker?  Let’s get your “meaningful things I’m going to do to make the world a better place” list together with our Amazon wish list and see what happens.  Who knows?  It could very well be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Visit our profile on Share Charlotte to see our Amazon wish list and also to learn about volunteer opportunities at HPCCR!

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