“I’m with Santa”

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Courtesy of the Christmas Elf

Poinsettias courtesy of the Christmas Elf

Want to hear a story to get your “Awwwwww!” factor going and to get you in the holiday spirit?  Of course you do!  (Like you have a choice.)

Here goes.  Last week at Levine & Dickson Hospice House at Southminster, we had a visitor.  He showed up unannounced with a bunch of beautiful red poinsettias.  The folks at the front desk assumed he was visiting a loved one, so they asked him who he was with.  His answer?  “I’m with Santa!”

This gem of a man then continued to bring in more stunning plants and, along with the last ones, offered a card to the staff.  It said, “Thank you for what you do every day.  It makes a difference.  Blessings and warm wishes, the Christmas Elf”.  Then he left, never giving his name and taking his generous anonymity with him.  Another important piece of information?  He also brought doughnuts.  If he wasn’t beloved because of the poinsettias, he gained “mythical” status by leaving those little circles of happiness!

Yes, the holidays are a crazy time of year for everyone.  In the frantic rush of shopping, baking, and attending events, we often forget the best (and most important) aspects of these last few weeks of December: offering kindness, grace, and love to others; recognizing the beauty of a selfless act; and showing appreciation for the people who truly touch our souls.

Well, Mr. Christmas Elf, we can’t tell you how much we appreciated your selfless act.  You have touched us all, no doubt about it.   “With Santa” or not, kind sir, I’m pretty sure your name (whatever it may be) has been written in permanent ink on the big man’s “NICE” list!  We sincerely thank you.


The note from the Christmas Elf

The note from the Christmas Elf



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2 Comments on ““I’m with Santa””

  1. Lawler, Carol Says:

    Very nice! I will commit to doing something random, too. He doesn’t get to have all the fun!

  2. lgf3 Says:

    He delivered at LDHH-Huntersville too! Such a great surprise!

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