If I could do more. . .

by Carol Anne Lawler, HPCCR Faith Community Liaison

grief helpWhen someone you love dies, it seems the whole world should stop, or at least pause, so that you can take a moment and let the entire world know that your loved one was here.  They were important.  You shared a life together, and you sorely miss their physical presence.

The part of grief I cannot understand is that the world doesn’t stop.  It doesn’t even slow down.

I was reflecting recently that when I learn of the death of a team member’s or a friend’s loved one, I feel compelled to not only send a card, but to make a memorial gift, however small, in their loved one’s name.  I make this gesture because when someone dies, there is a so little I can do for the one(s) that are left behind.  I am left feeling helpless, and at the same time, I want the bereaved to know I am witness to the fact that their loved one was here, and they did make a difference!  Their life mattered.

Again, when someone you love dies, we (your friends) may not be able to give the sort of comfort we would like to give, as everyone’s grief journey must be taken on their own.  One small act of giving a gift in their memory to Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, or other charity of choice, may silently let you know that others see you, care about your pain, and acknowledge this profound change in your life.  And I honor your journey and honor the memory of your loved one.  If I could do more, I would.

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