Beetles and hummingbirds

by Alia King, HPCCR Director Volunteer Services

humingbird and beetle“Look, Sally’s back!”

“That’s not Sally,” said my daughter.

“How do you know?”

“Because Sally is stuck at MeMa and PaPa’s house.  The wind is too strong for her to get here.”

“Then how will she get back?”

“That beetle (on the screen door) is her friend.  He has magic wings that will let him fly against the wind.  He will go to Raleigh and help her get back here.”

I should let you know that Sally is a hummingbird.  I’m not sure that beetles and hummingbirds are really friends, but in my almost-four-year-old’s mind, they are.  Even if she’s right, I’m fairly certain that the weight of a hummingbird would be too much for a little beetle to carry.  Maybe that’s where his magic wings come in.

Wouldn’t it be nice to still think like that?  Not just the fun imagination part, but the thought that beetles and hummingbirds are friends to the point that the beetle will fly two hundred miles to rescue a hummingbird and bring her back “home”.  Especially when people, more similar than a hummingbird and a beetle, often cannot even find enough similarities to bring them together as friends, to rescue each other from whatever is keeping them from being their best, from making it home.

We are privileged to have had twenty new volunteers join us this past weekend for volunteer training.  They each came for their own reasons, but all of them will share their magic with a patient they have never met; with people who are so similar and so different from themselves.

They are the beetles to our hummingbirds, and I am seeing them now from my almost-four-year-old’s eyes, in awe of their ability to bring compassion and help to someone flying against the wind.

Spring 2014 new volunteers

Please welcome our newest 2014 HPCCR volunteers!

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One Comment on “Beetles and hummingbirds”

  1. Erin Branham Says:

    I’m proud and blessed to be a part of this organization! What a wonderful opportunity this weekend was to meet so many people with servants’ hearts.

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