Last call for (shipped) bells!

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

2013BellHPCCR-002It’s December 17th.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Or have I simply increased your panic level just by asking the question?

Not to add more stress to your day, but if you want to order a Light Up A Life Commemorative Bell online and have it shipped to you by Christmas, you’re gonna need to do it today.  Or, if you insist on procrastinating, you can still order your bells online after tomorrow but you’ll have to come pick them up here at the HPCCR uptown location.

The 2013 Commemorative Bell is a perfect way to honor a loved one whose memory you cherish.  And it’s a wonderful gift for loved ones who would like to look at a beautiful keepsake on the tree and think of someone they loved dearly.  This year’s bell is painted in beautiful hues of blue, red, and green and detailed with soft gold accents.  And the best part?  You can get a name and date inscribed on the inside of the bell in beautiful script.  Yep, those inscriptions are done by hand by very generous volunteers who go home with very sore fingers.  Seriously, the bell will make a stunning addition to any tree.

So, no pressure.  You have, like, ten more hours to order your bells and have them shipped by Christmas.  That’s plenty of time, right?  But do it soon.  Before our volunteers develop hand cramps and can’t write anymore.  You don’t want my chicken scratch handwriting on your bell.  Trust me.

Bells are $25 and can be ordered on our website,  Just click on the Shop HPCCR link!

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2 Comments on “Last call for (shipped) bells!”

  1. Beth Thompson Says:


    Who can I contact to find out the status of my bells? I placed an order right after Thanksgiving but have not received them yet.

    Thanks for your help.

    Beth Thompson

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