The feel-good day of the year– #GivingTuesday

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Well, did you max out your credit cards over the weekend?  Did you take advantage of all the deals from Black Friday (technically, I guess, it all started on Thursday, didn’t it?!) all the way through Cyber Monday?  Are you feeling just a tad bit guilty over how much you spent?

Well, here’s the good news: there is a way to make yourself feel better.  The bad news: it’s not necessarily free.  BUT.  It’s for a very good cause.  Lots of causes actually.  Because today is (drumroll, please). . . #Giving Tuesday.  It’s your day to make a difference.

This is the second year for #Giving Tuesday.  And each year it seems to gain momentum.  The idea started in 2011 when a couple of foundations and other non-profits got together and decided that the commercialism of the holiday season had begun to outweigh the charitable and giving nature of the holiday season.  In an effort to help people change the way they think about, talk about, and participate in, the holidays, they decided to create a day for folks to give back.  In a nutshell, #Giving Tuesday celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations.

So if you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you’ve read our stories, right?  We’ve had some doozies — Lincoln Ely describing how hospice helped his family as his young daughter, Erica, passed away; a wife’s testimony about how hospice is so much better than chemo; a grieving husband who came to speak at our staff meeting to tell us that we are all hospice angels; a Panthers fan who had his dream come true. . . just to name a few.  The fact is, HPCCR could not have helped any of these families without the support of our loyal and generous donors.

And that’s where you come in.  If HPCCR is the organization that you want to support on this #Giving Tuesday, we will gladly receive your act of kindness.  The dollars we raise from our friends in the community allow us to accept ALL patients who need our care, regardless of their situation.  Donations allow us to provide small moments that may seem like nothing, but in reality mean everything to a hospice patient — a warm bath, a gentle massage, a shoulder to lean on, vital information with which to make important decisions, and so much more.

If there are other organizations close to your heart, give them some love today too — spread the wealth.  Because the intent of #Giving Tuesday — serving others and bringing the holidays back to what really matters — is gracious and generous.  It encompasses the nature of our best selves.

So do something nice today on #Giving TuesdayDonate.  Volunteer.  And then you can let your best self lounge, guilt-free, on the couch in front of that 50-inch, flat-screen TV screen that you got for a screaming good deal on Black Friday.

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