Top 5 reasons to run or walk in Hit The Brixx this weekend

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

FINAL - HTB 2013 Red Logo - JPGIt’s time once again for what has been called “the most fun race in Charlotte”.  Yep, it’s time to Hit The Brixx!  To encourage you to register, I’ve compiled a list of top five reasons why participating in Hit The Brixx will be the highlight of your weekend:

  1. The weather.  Ok, seriously?  Have you seen the Charlotte weather forecast for Saturday?  We could not be looking at more perfect running weather.  It’s supposed to be about 58 degrees at 7:45am which is the start time for the 10K.  After running all summer in temps 20 degrees higher than that (and with mind-blowing humidity), it will be an absolute JOY to run this race.  Six miles is gonna feel like two.  (Don’t come find me and yell at me, though, if your six miles actually does feel like six miles or even more.  That will NOT be my fault!  You DO have to train!)  And it will only warm up to about 62 degrees at 9am which is when the 5K will start.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!
  2. The course.  The course has its fair share of hills but you’ll be in the beautiful and quaint neighborhood of Elizabeth for most of the race, so you’ll be distracted by all the trees and cute houses.  And then, at the end, you’ll be running into uptown Charlotte.  I can’t say you won’t feel that last hill up 7th Street but, by then, you’ll be able to hear the crowds at the finish line, so you’ll be motivated for a fast finish.
  3. Opportunity for two races.  If you’re a little crazy like me, you can sign up for both the 10K and the 5K (for a very reasonable price) and get a nice, nine-mile workout in.  There is enough time between the two races to rest a minute, grab some water and a snack, and get back onto the starting line!
  4. The cause.  Folks, these races support a phenomenal cause!  Proceeds benefit Kids Path®, the pediatric care program of HPCCR.  Kids Path helps children and teens coping with long-term or life-threatening illnesses by offering services tailored specifically to their needs and those of their families.  Included as part of our Kids Path program is the Chameleon’s Journey™ grief camp, a weekend retreat (this year on October 12 and 13) that offers grieving children and teens ways to learn coping skills and find connections with others who have also lost a loved one.  Your registration fee will be put to good use in your community, that’s for sure!
  5. Free pizza and beer.  I don’t need to spell that out for you, do I?  And  yes, you read that right.  If you sign up for either race, you can enjoy free pizza and beer as soon as your tired little legs cross that finish line.  (I might suggest drinking some water before you hit the beer lest you actually hit the bricks, but hey, it’s your Saturday!  Just make sure you’ve got a designated driver!)  I don’t know, there’s just something really cool about relaxing at 9am with a piece of warm pizza and a nice, cold beer after you’ve had a satisfying, hard run.  It’s an indulgence you don’t get to enjoy very often.

So have I convinced you?  If so, go to the Run For Your Life website and register for Hit The Brixx.  Prices will go up on race day (this Saturday), so do it soon!

The memorial walk begins at 9:05am and the fun run for kids starts at 9:50.  Please note: You only get to eat pizza and drink free beer if you registered and have a bib number.  But your friends and family can eat and drink with you for $5 each.  You should probably foot that bill since they’re going to get up ridiculously early to support you, right?

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One Comment on “Top 5 reasons to run or walk in Hit The Brixx this weekend”

  1. Michelle Seymour Says:

    Awesome article! Have a great race and I want to hear all about it when I get back. The food is amazing here. Getting ready for my 3rd yoga class. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

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