If you have 9 minutes . . .

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

I’m going to make this week’s post very brief.  That’s because I want you to spend more time watching the amazing video below than reading some superficial words that could not possibly do justice whatsoever to what you’re about to see.  This, right here, is the essence of true love.  At the end of life, you can only hope to have one single person love you as much as Fred loved his wife.  I feel fairly sure you have nine extra minutes today.  Seriously, spend it here.

Oh, you’ll also become a HUGE fan of Green Shoe Studio for doing what they did.  Trust me.  Just watch.

Fred and Lorraine vimeo

Click on this image.

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6 Comments on “If you have 9 minutes . . .”

  1. Kurt Powell Says:

    Nice story…I’m sure no tears were shed at your office…

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. hpccr Says:

    No, of course not! All dry eyes here. NOT.

  3. Nancy Cole Says:

    I saw this story on Good Morning America then Entertainment Tonight. Then I Googled it. Then I downloaded it from iTunes. And then I “shared” it on Facebook because I was so moved by the story. It truly reminded me of the love and companionship my parents shared. If you don’t tear up, well….

  4. Carol Eblen Says:

    Wonderful and inspiring video about love and faith and long marriage and old age. I too was married and lost my husband after 60 years of marriage — for better or for worse —my husband was in all three wars and shot at, i.e. WWII, Korea and Vietnam —and I miss him every day. I know where Fred is coming from.

    But! I think we need to popularize the old tune “The Euthanasia Blues” because old people like Fred and I are in danger of being sent to eternity earlier rather than later because The Congress and the Executive have not stopped the misuse of unilateral DNR Code Status to shorten the lives of elderly patients whose treatments will not be reimbursed to the hospitals/physicians because Medicare has deemed that they were over treated or there were errors.

  5. allmanelaine@aol.com Says:

    This was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen…Tears streaming from my face most of the time…Life is short and very special with memories that last forever…Life goes soo fast when your with the one you love….

    Here is another website that I have watched and showed to others over and over again… Hope you enjoy…



    Elaine Allman 704-490-2480

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