Waiting for the milestone

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manger

Margaret and Mike in July 1938

Margaret and Mike in July 1938

Do you know what was happening in the United States 75 years ago?  Well, it was 1938 and Franklin D. Roosevelt was President.  The Great Depression was still hanging around, and there was massive unrest in Europe due to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.  And in Staunton, VA, in July of that year, a newly married couple was taking steps to begin their life together. 

Margaret and Mike Moneymaker met the previous year when Mike stopped his car to flirt with an attractive group of young women.  Margaret, in particular, caught his eye.  He started talking and joking with her, trying to impress her and make her laugh.  Margaret, feeling daring, jumped up onto the running board of his car.  And promptly popped his tire.  That must have sealed the deal — they married a year later on July 2. 

Margaret and Mike moved their family (two sons and a daughter) to Charlotte in 1956.  Their youngest son, Bennie, describes his childhood as idyllic.  “The pace was slower.  Mom stayed at home with us kids and Dad went to work.  We didn’t have much, but we never felt like we lacked for anything either.”  He remembers how strong the relationship was between his parents; they were attached at the hip, always together.  They were not overtly affectionate but they were very loving toward each other.  It remains that way today.

The Moneymakers celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary last Tuesday.  Margaret, now 92 years old, is a patient at Levine & Dickson Hospice House at Southminster.  On the morning of her anniversary, she was sitting in the recliner in her room, waiting for her groom to pay a visit.  She greeted Mike as he walked in through the door and he returned her greeting saying, “You’re a doll, just like the day I met you.” 

It’s almost like she was waiting for that important day to arrive.  Because her anniversary was her last lucid day.  That afternoon she got into her bed and her health started to rapidly decline.  The rather elaborate catered anniversary celebration was downgraded to family members sharing cake and memories.  It’s like she held on as long as she could, waiting for that amazing milestone to pass before she could let the illness invading her body take its turn at the controls.

Margaret is still at Levine & Dickson Hospice House at Southminster, surrounded by her husband of 75 years and the three wonderful children that their union produced.  As the spiritual leader of the family, Margaret instilled strong faith in her husband and children and they know that the time will come soon when she will be called “home”.  Meanwhile, they wait and reminisce about simpler times and the long-standing love that sustains them still.

Margaret and Mike, on their 75th wedding anniversary, surrounded by their family.

Margaret and Mike, on their 75th wedding anniversary, surrounded by their family.

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2 Comments on “Waiting for the milestone”

  1. Nancy Cole Says:

    What a touching story. I’m so happy this family was able to celebrate together. Blessings to the Moneymaker Family.

  2. Sheri Lowe Says:

    This is just beautiful. I am grateful that we were able to help them celebrate their life together. Thank you for sharing their story.

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