A challenge for the resolute

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

New Year's calendar

Nope, it actually starts on January 2. . . .

We all know the unwritten law about New Year’s resolutions, right?  That they don’t really kick in until today, January 2?  It’s true.  We have very well-meaning and purposeful resolutions — we are going to drop those seven pounds that have crept up on us, we are going to make it to the gym five days a week, we are going to quit that bad habit.  But the first day of the year is never when the “resolute” part of resolution kicks in.

Well, naturally.  I mean, the gym is probably not open on New Year’s Day, is it?  And who’s going to eat all those collard greens and black-eyed peas that have been cooked in that amazing thick-cut bacon??  The first day of the year is actually the bastion of gluttony; the Mardi Gras of intent.  We are going to get all that bad stuff out of our system on January 1 and then on January 2, that is IT.  That’s when our resolve will strengthen and we WILL start doing all those things we promised ourselves.

Well, I’m going to issue you a difficult challenge, now that your will power is at an all-time high and nothing, I mean nothing, is going to deter you from living a better life (starting today, right?)  I’m going to ask you to think about your end-of-life wishes and what’s more, I’m going to ask you to put them in writing.  Or at least tell your loved ones what they are.  Because there is no greater disservice you can give to those who love you than to leave them guessing about what you want, especially if you can’t communicate it yourself.

So get your Living Will and your Health Care Power of Attorney — your advance care directives — in order, and do it soon.  Because we all know what happens come Valentine’s Day.  We’re all drunk on love and chocolate and the willpower starts to slip.  And pretty soon, we put off going to the gym a couple times a week and add dessert back into our diet because, hey, life’s short.

Exactly my point.  Life is short and you never know when that last day will come.  So go ahead and plan for it and let your loved ones know what those plans are.  Then you can reward yourself.  By taking a walk.  Or eating a salad.  (Hey, it’s only January 2.  Willpower, remember?!)

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