Despite the bad, there is good

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

Matthew Buie

Matthew Buie, an awesome 11-year old

Wow.  It’s been a rough few days, hasn’t it?  Our nation has been brought to its knees by the senseless violence in Connecticut and we are all grieving for the precious, young lives that were lost.

You know, we always have such high expectations of joy and fellowship during the holiday season; but this act goes against everything good and moral in our tenuous world.  I think part of what makes me so sad is the loss of sheer potential that these children represented.  They had their lives in front of them, wrapped up and unexplored like the gifts underneath their Christmas trees.  We lost innocence, sweetness, and joy when we lost these children.  We lost the significant and untapped futures that could have been theirs to claim.

That’s why I want to share another story with you today.  One that will hopefully make you happy and have you celebrating the good nature that does still exist among us.  It’s a simple story but its message is powerful.  And maybe, like me, it will give you hope.

Matthew Buie is a handsome, 11-year old kid who has the same hobbies as most boys his age: music, soccer, running (cross country).  His mother, Elizabeth, describes him as “reflective”, a child who has the ability to tune in to what others are feeling.  When the Buies volunteer together as a family, Matthew doesn’t participate to make himself stand out; rather he understands that he is simply one human being helping another.

Matthew and Elizabeth ran in our Hit The Brixx 5K back in September.  (In fact, they both won awards in their age groups!  Impressive, huh?)  During the awards ceremony, it was explained that the proceeds of the race help fund Kids Path®, our pediatric program for seriously ill children.  It was the first time Matthew had heard of a program like ours.

And this is what happened next (in Matthew’s own words, from the note he sent us):

“After the race, we went to the Kings Drive produce stand.  A man saw our race numbers and asked about the race.  He thought it was a good thing and gave me $10 to offset the cost of the race.  I thought it was a better idea to give the money to you to help children with illnesses.  Enclosed is the $10.”

In the grand scheme of things, $10 is not a lot of money.  But it could have bought an 11-year old a nice pile of Snickers bars.  However, Matthew chose to give it back.  He chose (unselfishly) to help others.  Matthew is an example of the powerful force of good in our world; the positive energy on which I’ve decided to dwell during a week that has threatened my sense of security and peace.

It breaks my heart that twenty lives were cut short.  But I rejoice in the fact that there are young women and men, like Matthew, who offer us a glimpse into the mind’s eye of God.  God designed us to be compassionate human beings who show kindness to others.  As hard as it may be this holiday season, let’s focus on the noble acts of kindness rather than the bleak acts of violence.

Thank you, Matthew, for the reminder.

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2 Comments on “Despite the bad, there is good”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Another post that brings tears to my eyes, happy tears. Thank you for sharing the story about Matthew, he is remarkable.

  2. Marilyn Petersmark Says:

    What a lovely story! After a week of so much sadness, how nice to pinpoint on something positive!

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