Squelch your inner Grinch

Editors Note: I wrote this blog last year but it is just as applicable this year as it was last.  And you know what really still applies?  The part about the train.  I have begged my husband not to set it up this year, but my pleas have fallen on deaf ears.  Anyway, Snowflake Village is up and running and ready to make your Christmas tree dreams come true.  Help yourself and HPCCR this year! 

by  Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

Don’t we all sometimes have a bit of the Grinch in us around Christmas?  Of course, we like to think that we all channel Cindy Lou Who for the entire month of December, but the reality is that there is always something that gets to us.  For me, it’s the electric train that runs around our Christmas tree that is, quite simply, the bane of my holiday existence.  My kids constantly fight over it, I routinely trip over it, and no one seems to be able to get it back onto the tracks except my husband. 

For some folks, it might be the whole process of picking out a tree.   There are just so many factors to consider.  Should it be fat or skinny?  Should it be pear-shaped or perfectly symmetrical from top to bottom?   Can the tree be perfect except for the one side that will face the corner of the room and never be seen?  How much better is the tree right in front of me than the one over on the other side of the lot?  How many branches must be cut off at the bottom to get it to fit in the stand?  Too many?  Ok, then.  Looks like we’re starting over. . . .

Well, if that sounds like someone you know (hint, hint) then we’ve got the solution for you.  Just go to http://www.snowflakevillage.org/ and pick out your tree online.  All you have to do is choose the tree size you need, and then designate an organization to receive 20% of your purchase.  (That would be HPCCR!)  Then you just have to go pick it up at 11432 S. Tryon Street.  Or, if you just want to avoid the tree lot completely, they’ll deliver it to you for an extra fee (as long as you live within 10 miles of their location).  And it’s not just trees you can purchase.  You can also get wreaths, tree stands, and tree waterers.  Just a few clicks and you can put tree selection behind you and move on the fun part—decoration!

So stuff your inner Grinch back in his cave and give yourself a break this year.  Use http://www.snowflakevillage.org/ to find your tree and show your support for HPCCR.  And if you need an electric train to run around said tree, I just might know where you can find one.

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  1. Lawler, Carol Says:

    Great article! Love the humor ~

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