The rock stars of November

by Andrea Powell,  HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

Wow, November just keeps on getting better!  You already know that we are in the midst of National Hospice Month, right?  Plus, we had a presidential election at the beginning of the month (the best part being that my voice mail is not loaded with political pitches every time I walk in the door).  And Veterans Day was earlier this week.  You’d think that would be enough, considering we are barely halfway through November.  However, just like your favorite infomercial says (c’mon folks, all together now): BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

That’s right.  This week, November 11 – 17,  we as a nation honor a group of clinicians who keep the medical field going:  nurse practitioners.

I’ll bet there are a lot of things that you don’t know about NPs.  I received a flyer today (from one of our esteemed NPs, naturally) and I definitely learned a thing or two.  For example:

  • NPs can order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests; diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions; prescribe medications  and treatments; and manage overall patient care.
  • All NPs have master’s degrees, and many have doctorate degrees, as well as advanced education and clinical training.
  • NPs are licensed and can prescribe medicine in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Patients whose primary care providers are NPs have fewer emergency room visits and shorter hospital stays, resulting in lower out-of-pocket costs. (This is HUGE!)
  • The confidence that we as patients have in NPs is demonstrated by the more than 600 million visits made to NPs each year.

So now you just might know a little more about nurse practitioners than you did before you came to this site.  But here’s something else you should know: here at HPCCR, we would be at a loss without the TWELVE (that’s right!) NPs that we have on staff.  These amazing human beings represent a variety of educational tracks including adult, family, and acute care practice.  They have clinical expertise in a variety of specialties such as oncology, cardiology, and gerontology.  They provide palliative medicine consultation and hospice care in all settings; and some even act as the hospice attending clinician, providing complete advanced nursing and medical management of the patient’s care.  In other words, our NPs are utter rock stars.

And while we are so glad (and proud) to include them among our staff here at HPCCR, our patients are the ones who benefit the most.  The men, women, and children who receive the expert and caring attention of our nurse practitioners are blessed to be under their charge.  The medical expertise, advice, and compassion offered to them is beyond compare.

So to all nurse practitioners in this great country, I give you my sincere thanks.  And to the NPs of HPCCR, I congratulate you for your exceeding excellence, strength of spirit, and your unparalleled devotion to the patients you serve.  You are truly an outstanding group of people.  This week, and every week, we honor you.

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2 Comments on “The rock stars of November”

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