Do it for Frank

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

Frank Tanabe, voting early while under hospice care

If any of you loyal blog followers also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (and if you don’t, I’m very disappointed in you.  Remedy that now by clicking here to follow us on Twitter and here to follow us on Facebook! ), then you probably saw the very appropriate article that we shared a couple of weeks ago.  Given that today is the Presidential election, that it’s only a few days before Veterans Day, and that November is National Hospice Month, the universe seems to be shouting at me (lovingly, of course) to share this story again. 

For those of you who will be, from this point forward, following us on Twitter and Facebook (it’s not fun being left out, is it?), here’s what you missed: a WWII veteran with end-stage liver cancer, Frank Tanabe, was under the care of a hospice in his home state of Hawaii and knew that his time was waning.  He requested, and received, an absentee ballot so that he could vote before the election.  Because that’s how important this basic right is to him.  And do you know why this event is even more extraordinary?  Years ago, this man volunteered to serve in the US military when he was in an interment camp in California.  That’s right.  He wanted to prove his loyalty to his country.  Which is amazing, considering he was not exactly receiving reciprocal treatment. 

Anyway, Frank Tanabe’s last wish was to vote in this election, to do his duty as an American citizen.  Although frail, 93 years old, and under (excellent) hospice care, he exercised his right. 

People, it’s election day.  And Veterans Day is on Sunday.  And it’s National Hospice Month.  You need to listen to what the universe is telling you too.  Go out and vote.  Do it for Frank.

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