Thumb your nose at summer

by Andrea Powell, Electronic Communications Manager

So it’s the first day of summer and it’s going to be almost 100 degrees here in Charlotte, NC.  The sad fact is that this weather pattern has pretty much been holding steady since early May.  I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling that summer is trying to tell us something.  Something like, “I will defeat you with my evil concoction of brutal heat and energy-sapping humidity.”  (Insert evil laugh here.)  Well, summer may be on some crazy power trip, but at HPCCR, we’ve got a retaliation plan.

Relief, thy name is Pinkberry.  Tomorrow, June 22, you need to thumb your nose at summer by indulging in a cool, refreshing, heat-busting treat.  Drive to either Charlotte Pinkberry location (Phillips Place or Arboretum) from 12pm until 10pm and order a sky-high order of delicious frozen yogurt.  They’ve got awesome toppings that appeal to both the health-conscious (fresh fruit) and the chocolate-conscious (hello, milk chocolate crunch, anyone?)

And those of you who read celebrity gossip (you know who you are–pretending not to care about JLo and Lady Gaga but picking up the latest People Magazine in the waiting room every time) know that Pinkberry is the yogurt preference of the stars.  Well, celebrities have good taste.  Pinkberry is worth every penny.

So take your pennies to Pinkberry tomorrow because they have kindly decided to donate up to 20% of their daily proceeds to HPCCR.  Which means you’ll be sucker-punching summer AND supporting a very deserving cause at the same time.  Enjoying Pinkberry yogurt can be your way of diminishing summer’s madcap power trip.  And trust me, that’s good for all of us!

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