Still waters and perfect bliss

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Electronic Communications Manager

It’s undeniable–music touches the soul.  If you think about it, so many important moments in our lives have a soundtrack connected to it, whether we realize it or not.  My eyes still get wet when I hear the song that was playing in the delivery room before my son was born.  On that day, George Winston was forever elevated to rock star status, as far as my eardrums and my heart are concerned.

Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region is extremely honored to benefit from the proceeds of the sale of a gorgeous new album, Still Waters, by a duo called Ananda.  Ananda is made up of  two extremely talented musicians–pianist PJ Brunson and violinist Laurie Neal.  The name Ananda in Sanskrit means perfect bliss and it’s a fitting name for this duo because their music is a delight to the ears.  The entire album is calming, gentle, and healing, the very attributes HPCCR staff members try to bring to the patients and families they serve.

Many of the songs on the album were written by PJ, in memory of loved ones who have passed away.  Her experience with hospice inspired Ananda to donate a portion of the proceeds to our organization as well as other area hospices.  Furthermore, PJ offers her services free of charge to many non-profit organizations; just last year she played pro bono at one of our Light Up A Life services during the holidays. 

So if you are a music lover and also want to support HPCCR, go out and find Still Waters.  Your ears and your soul will thank you.  And it might just become the soundtrack to your life’s next big moment.

Laurie Neal (left) and PJ Brunson.  Their CD is available online through or directly from Ananda. For more information about the duo, their music, and upcoming concert dates, visit their website at: .

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4 Comments on “Still waters and perfect bliss”

  1. Deepti Sidana Says:

    It is a undeniable fact that music touches the soul.Even before my son’s birth,I knew that he loves music since I could feel his stronger movements when I was listening to music and soft ,sotthing music is the only thing he loved through out his life.It is ironical that he took his last breath at LDHH while listening to the Harp.It was a very sad moment for both me and my husband ,but at the same time we think of the beauty about it,It was as if we can see him fly away like a butterfly with every string of harp being played.

    • hpccr Says:

      What a beautiful sentiment and memory. Thank you for sharing. I am just so sorry for your loss. I hope that music can continue to help you heal.

  2. […] music alone (from PJ Brunson and Laurie Neal of  Ananda), was so moving that it made you want to weep for no reason.  The poems were perfectly chosen; […]

  3. […] music alone (from PJ Brunson and Laurie Neal of Ananda), was so moving that it made you want to weep for no reason. The poems were perfectly chosen; they […]

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