Nursing Assistants, we honor you

We are in the midst of National Nursing Assistant Week and here at HPCCR we want to sincerely thank our NAs who consistently provide superior care to our patients and families.  Having the role of NA in a hospice organization is an enormous responsibility and very tough job.  Nursing Assistants must care for those who are confined to a bed, so they must possess physical strength to lift and maneuver the patient.  They must be compassionate listeners and have emotional depth because they are often the first ones to hear about pain and other insecurities.  Most importantly, they must truly care about their patients and their work.  And our NAs manage to excel in all of these categories, many of them on little sleep because they have worked a long shift or had a week with crazy hours.

So this week, we honor all Nursing Assistants, those that we proudly claim as our own and the many others in this vast health care field.  If you know a Nursing Assistant, please thank them and take the opportunity to tell them how important their work is.  A little bit of appreciation goes a long way.  And this week, no one is more deserving.

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